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I am currently working on a few projects. To read about my results or progress updates, consider following my tech blog! Below are a few featured projects I've completed recently:

this website!

May 11, 2020 - May 20, 2020

I wrote this website from scratch using a combination of html, css, and javascript. All buttons, formatting, and style choices are specifically designed for this site. The design is the result of inspirations from some of the best designed personal websites I've seen, along with features I've always thought were missing. My preference for simplicity and cleanliness is obvious. Fancy action-images panning over the background and complex dropdown menus just seemed wrong. My hope is that people don't spend too much time on my site. The mantra should be: find what you needed, and get the hell out! If you'd like to see my code without hitting
(or because you wanna give me some credit for a decent website), fork my github repo! And if you find an issue with the site, please feel free to open a ticket there.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript